2020 Vision – thoughts from me and some nice people

Remember I was doing a big presentation pro bono for Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fair trade organisation?  It was to help the Traidcraft board with their 10 year vision and 3 year strategic plan and the rough title was the customer environment – thinking ten years ahead.

I put out an SOS for some help on the blog and Charles, Andrew and Rob were all kind enough to share their thoughts, while Neil and Paul let me borrow content from their own existing presentations.  So big thank yous all round.

I’ve had to remove a few commercially sensitive slides, so there may appear to be a few gaping holes in the thinking and the whole topic is very much about sweeping generalisations and rather a lot to get through in an hour’s presentation, so I’m not saying its perfect, or in any way authoritative, but here you go (a few of the fonts seem to look wierd on some computers, sorry):

The speaker notes don’t seem to be showing up on slideshare, so I’ve put them as a comment on slideshare itself and also uploaded the full notes below:

2020 vision speakers notes 

Thanks also to the lovely board and exec team at Traidcraft who made me so welcome at their planning session.

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