“We’re going to need considerably bigger buns”

A bit of fuss in the press today about London tube bosses asking for Kelly Brook’s best assets to be more substantially covered in posters for the play Calendar Girls.  The producers must be thrilled as the character Kelly plays does have a little trouble adequately protecting her modesty with iced buns at the calendar photo shoot, promoting the classic line “we’re going to need considerably bigger buns”.

But it can’t have been quite enough of a story for the Daily Mail, as they seem to have decided that they can use photoshop too.  Have a look and decide for yourself whether they’ve, erm, maximised Kelly’s assets for the sake of the story…

before and after the bun adjustment:

kelly brook calendar girls before and after

the Daily Mail’s version:

kelly brook calendar girls photoshop

One thought on ““We’re going to need considerably bigger buns”

  1. The Mail’s version also seems to include a 90 year old woman between Kelly Brook’s legs…. I didn’t think it was that type of paper…

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