Precision Shoppers (but possibly imprecise research)

Sitting in the hairdressers and flicking through Grazia magazine this weekend, I was surprised to read that they had commissioned an ‘exclusive survey’ into shopping habits.

In fact the article doesn’t actually reveal any kind of audience, sample size or methodology (my best guess is that they slapped a survey on the Grazia website), but the results are pretty interesting all the same.

Forget Recessionistas, for fashion forward females its now apparently all about Precision Shopping.  It seems that the buy less, wear more mantra has finally caught on and 90% of these shoppers are put off by sales rails and go out of their way to avoid them.  62% want their shopping experience to be ‘calm and peaceful’ with helpful staff (not like braving Primark on a Saturday afternoon then) and 98% now won’t buy something without trying it on.

It seems that the quality over quantity message is really getting through – and in terms of the shopping experience itself as well as material goods.  In fact 23% preferred an experience like a make up lesson or spa treatment to a new purchase as a pick me up.

Perhaps GIVe, with its ‘affordable luxury’ mantra, style advisors and focus on customer service might be onto something after all…

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