I can’t predict the future, but I’m fairly sure about Staycationing, Staying In and Savvy Shopping

marketing carol future

cartoon by Tom Fishburne

I keep being asked at work to have a stab at predicting consumer attitudes and behaviours in three, six or even twelve months time.  Since no-one seems to be sure whether we are in a W or V shaped recession, this is a tad challenging to say the least.

I am fairly sure about a few things:

  • When economic recovery does appear, it will be mild
  • Gordon Brown will try very hard not to call an election until the economy (and with it, consumer confidence) picks up a bit
  • But conversely, the election itself might be the catalyst for consumer confidence in new beginnings
  • We will still be Staycationing next year, but sales of overseas holidays will be up on 2009 as the Staycationers that got rained off fly away in search of guaranteed sunshine
  • Staying In will still be the new Going Out in 2010, but the ‘dine in for £10’ type offers will start to focus on ‘semi scratch’ cooking rather than ready meals
  • Christmas 2009 will be all about Savvy Shopping – holding out until the retailers give in and start their sales early, searching online for discount codes and the best deals, practical present giving – and trying hard not to stick it all on the credit card

What do you think?

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