Just another day-in-the-made-up-life

Without wanting to sound like Little Miss Negativity, I’m getting a bit sick of all of these unreal day-in-the-life ads that have been popping up recently.

Because obviously, Miss Consumer must so naïve that she’ll buy into not-quite-real diaries and photoshoots, where they just happen to mention how fabulous product X is.

The Schwarzkopf Live Colour XL ad (if you watch any music TV you’re bound to have seen it) is a great example, where three suspiciously attractive looking ‘friends’ have their hair colour changed as part of a makeover day.

Then there’s last year’s Ford press ads with a musician bloke who was having a lovely time driving to all his gigs round the country in a Ford and the ‘handwritten’ diaries that crop up in the back of women’s magazines showing how a vitamin supplement or bio yoghurt can help a busy girl get the most out of her hectic week or why working for the RAF is such fun.

I was struggling to find visuals to make my point, then this week’s Radio Times contained a prime example for the Peugeot 3007, showing Mrs Ben Fogle having ‘Just another multi tasking day’.  Seriously, that was the headline:


Rant over.  Perhaps I should rename the blog ‘and another thing…’.

One thought on “Just another day-in-the-made-up-life

  1. Also, if anyone thinks that day is multitasking then wait til you add children into the equation. An advert clearly written by young ad execs with no kids between them.

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