The Joy of driving? Not sure that belongs to BMW

I’ve been trying not to write this post for a few weeks.  You see, I really wanted to love the new BMW campaign, all about joy.

I really like BMWs. They’re in my blood.  I’ve got a little one.  But I didn’t buy it because it made me joyful.  And getting into it to go to the office does not make me want to burst into the halleluiah chorus.

My car makes me feel safe, protected, cosseted against the world and I get a tiny kick out of putting my foot down on the M1.  It even makes me a little bit proud that I spent a lot of time wading through powerpoint and sitting in boring meetings to pay for it.  But I can’t say that Joy gets a look in.

BMW joy

The new X1 ad states that ‘Joy is going where the mood takes you’, hence you need something that will go off road.  Expect that makes the entire 4WD category joyous, not just Beemers. 

I think I will actually have to buy an X1 next time as my 1 series is totally incapable of coping with snow, ice, gravel, grass or anything else that isn’t smooth tarmac.  Which isn’t very joyous either.

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