never mind the groups, what about the catering?

viewing facility fridgeI was at a viewing facility on Monday evening where they seemed to be hell bent on fulfilling their duty of care to clients and moderators in making sure we were looking after ourselves properly.  As well as the usual fruit basket and fridges filled with water, Coke and Red Bull, they offered fruit juices and no less than six different flavours of vitamin enriched water (I can report that the lemon one is particularly nice).

I was feeling quite pleased with myself for managing to arrange a healthy, tasty, yet dairy free fork buffet to cater for Client no. 1’s dietary needs…until Client no. 2 piped up just as it was all being served that they only ate Halal meat.  Sigh.  You can’t win ‘em all.

One thought on “never mind the groups, what about the catering?

  1. You’ve been on a roll recently. Great blogging but I’ve not been able to leave a comment. Good stuff.

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