I think I love the Andaz

While I was in London for Interesting2009, I decided to made a weekend of it and thanks to the wonders of google found the Andaz hotel in Liverpool Street

This is a hotel so cool that it doesn’t have a reception desk (just helpful blokes in suits wandering about with laptops) and thinks that Bosse ipod docks are essential hotel room equipment.  I must have got some kind of internet-only-advance-purchase-second-Saturday-if-there’s-an-R-in-the-month deal as it was incredibly cheap for a nice hotel in London (like under £100 a night cheap).

Sadly, I don’t think my work travel budget will stretch to the Andaz’s normal rates next time I’m in town, but if yours will, or you need to put important clients up somewhere nice, I highly recommend it.

Andaz London

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