10 things I still don’t understand about agency life

1. Why do clients only have emergencies at 5pm when you were planning to leave on time that day?

2. With enough denim around the average agency to stage a rodeo, whatever happened to the Working Wardrobe?

3. Why are the majority of staff in every agency aged under 35?

4. Whatever happened to the over 35s?

5. How come you only finish preparing for a pitch at 10pm the night before, regardless of how many days or weeks you’ve had to prepare?

6. Why are so many marketing services businesses still referred to as ‘advertising agencies’ when they spend 90% of their time producing stuff that isn’t technically ads?

7. Why are agencies generally so bad at saying No to clients?

8. Why are we all so keen to give all our thinking away for free in pitches?

9. Why are we prepared to pitch at all?

10. In which case, is the agency model permanently broken, or just fractured and in need of repair?

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