its apparently Positive Mental Attitude week – and its catching

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Account Directors who sits near me at work merrily declared that for the foreseeable future, all weeks would be now be designated Positive Mental Attitude Week.

Since then, she’s won two pitches.

I’m not suggesting that the two are completely related, but spending every day alternating between worry, stress and full on panic isn’t necessarily the best mindset in which to motivate your team, identify unique insights and turn them into solutions that strategically and creatively delight clients.

Yes, the economy is in a mess (and I think we’re in for a W shaped recession so its going to get worse again before it gets better), client budgets are tighter than ever and job security is a thing of the past.  But maybe we need to accentuate whatever positives we can find and try to discover the upsides and silver linings.

After all, confidence is catching.

get excited poster

created by moleitau, CC applies

update: I told Positive Account Director Lady that I’d blogged about her and she says the poster should read:







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