insight has to come from an interesting idea

Since work seem to have woken up to the fact that I can string sentences together in a relatively coherent written form, I have become Insight Led Think Piece Mailer Woman.

Pulling together interesting trends, anecdotes and research feedback to come to an 800 word point of view about a given topic or trend is a fairly enjoyable way to spend a day or two in the office but it seems that some of my co-workers can’t get their heads around the actual process required to arrive at some kind of insightful point of view.

In my experience, fresh insight generally comes from an interesting idea, a nugget or an observation that needs further exploration to back it up and arrive at a considered point of view.  “Can you write something about XYZ industry” doesn’t really send me skipping down the path towards insightfulness…and if the starting point isn’t interesting, it seems likely that the finished piece will be equally unenlightening… 

idea cloud

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