Interesting 2009 tickets news

The first 100 tickets for Interesting 2009 (Conway Hall, London, September 12th) go on sale June 17th.  Two more tranches of 100 tickets to follow in subsequent weeks in case you’re on hols/pitching/poorly/whatever that day and can’t get online.

If you don’t know about Interesting, it’s sometimes billed as ‘a one-day conference of ideas for people who want to know more about the world they live in‘ and you can watch the videos from last year’s talks over at The Guardian to get a flavour, including mine here.

It’s always a brilliant, memorable day and the tickets sell out in hours so stick June 17th in your diary now.

UPDATE 18/06/09apparently the first 100 tickets sold out in 48 seconds!  The next lot go on sale 1.30pm (BST) on Thursday June 25th at the eventbrite site.

UPDATE 30/06/09 – 100 more tickets will be on sale at 9pm (BST) on Wednesday the 8th of July here

and finally – an extra 50 tickets go on sale here at 11am BST on Friday the 17th of July

06/09/09 really, this time, finally – the brand new wiki ticket exchange is here if you’re still looking for a ticket…

I’m going to be there – anyone else planning on attending?

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