Diet another day

While wading through the Sunday papers this morning I came across this shot in the Sunday Times from a 1964 bond girl photo session for Thunderball:

old bond girls bikini

The thing that immediately struck me is while all three women are undeniably beautiful, they are also (gasp!) normal sized.

Compared to this shot of Halle Berry as Jinx in 2002’s Die Another Day, you can see just how far the perception of what body shape and size is considered sexy has shifted in the last 40 years.

modern bond girl bikini

I know I have a real bee in my bonnet at the moment about female beauty and body image (see my previous rants here and here), but it’s shocking to realise just how far the beauty bar has been raised.

2 thoughts on “Diet another day

  1. Halle may have been the best Bond girl of the Pierce era, although if Jonathan Price had not kill Terry Hatcher she could have taken it.

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