Bring on the Summer

So 2009 is apparently going to be the Year of the Staycation, with people staying at home to avoid travel and accommodation costs but still behaving in holiday mode and enjoying what the local area has to offer.

This year is also being heralded as the return of the Great British Summer Holiday, with caravan sites and holiday parks reporting massive booking uplifts.

With an optimistic long range weather forecast added into the mix, it seems that everything is in place to encourage us to enjoy old fashioned holidays and days out here in the UK rather than wallet busting jaunts abroad.

It’s not only the domestic tourism and leisure industry that is bigging up Summer; Bulmers have got in on the act with their squeezing the best out of Summer ads (first aired in 08 I think):

Bold 2in1 do seem to be stretching the idea a bit though by suggesting that all you need for a fun and sun filled family day out at the seaside is a pile of fluffy and softly fragranced towels…

Bring on the Summer with Bold 2in1

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