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Blogger relations – are you going after Influential Alphas or Niche Specialists?

I’ve been thinking about the whole online sphere of influence thing recently.  I contributed a chart on the subject a while back to Neil Perkin’s crowdsourced presentation about online communities: But I now think that it’s actually more complex than that.  There’s a great scene in Studio 60 where the network boss tells the exec […]
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Strategic Shopping and Alpha Positives

Two interesting pieces in today’s Sunday Times: The power of positive explores the rise of the Alpha Positive woman (Michelle Obama et al) who act as positive role models and inspire others, vsersus the terrifying Alpha Negatives (who seem to be epitomized by high profile magazine editors). The rise of the Aldirati provides an up […]
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more charts and graphs to back us up

Heather’s annual Planner Survey 2009 is up and running.  Planners should head over here to take part and click here to sign up to receive the results (students, recruiters and so on also all welcome to receive the results). Page one of Heather’s 2007 survey looked like this:  

creative environment or can’t be arsed?

One thing that has annoyed me about every single agency I’ve worked for is that the office has looked like a cross between a teenager’s bedroom and an explosion in a paper factory. No matter how smart or scruffy the actual building and furnishings were, it was still a bombsite.  I’ve been to lots of […]
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You sometimes don’t know what you’re digging for until you find it

In pursuit of Insight, I’ve tried an awful lot of ways of trawling through desk research. I’ve enjoyed access to experienced desk researchers who come back with 100 pages on everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-air-fresheners and work experience students who think Lexis Nexis is a kind of car.  I’ve also done my fair share of my own desk research […]
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In slashing grad recruitment, are we creating a future skills gap?

It has been clear over the last six months that intelligent, eminently employable graduates wanting to enter the communications industry are really struggling to find jobs.  I know of several really bright 2008 graduates who are still plugging away at part time jobs while trying to find a way into our industry.  It is not […]
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Is research helping us find the right answer – or just one that isn’t wrong?

With the economy making everyone increasingly risk averse, it seems to me that Jon Steel’s adage about clients using research not as a navigational tool but to protect themselves and their career from a fiery end is becoming increasingly apt. With limited research budgets and risk averse clients it can be very tempting to use […]
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Back – and with eggstra ideas

Hello, I’m back online and I’ve been wading through the 500 odd posts that built up on bloglines over the last couple of weeks. Highlights for me included: – out-takes from compare the meerkat’s Aleksandr – Roo Reynolds accidentally reporting from the G20 protests – a very lovely tilt shift film found via the boys and girls at […]
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