Difficult? No, just disappointed

Via the SmartBrief on Social Media e-newsletter, I found this post at Conversation Agent on the top 10 reasons why your customers are being difficult.

But perhaps rather than specific, economy related reasons like customers feel you’re charging too much or customer service reasons like you make it difficult to reach the right person, I think there has been an overall rise in our expectations.  We actually expect things to work first time and any problems to be resolved quickly.

So when a brand doesn’t deliver, customers get disappointed, aka ‘difficult’ – and understandably agitated when their complaints get the same sub-standard response.

A great example is over at That Gormandizer Man about Mark’s experiences with thetrainline.com, which he sums up in one word – FAIL.

Or take my 3 month battle with Vodafone to get my new phone up and running.  Which was finally (sort of) resolved yesterday.  Everything has now been delivered and is working (touch wood). After some chivvying, Vodafone decided that my investment of 20+ hours in trying to sort out all the problems and the inconvenience that involved was worth a measly £10 credit on my bill.  Sigh.


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