And on your left, you’ll see Production…

Two or three Agency Tours make their way past my desk every day.  New clients, new business prospects and interviewees are all escorted round the agency because look!, some desks! and people! and we have computers and recycling bins and everything!  Um, I’m not quite sure what that person does but come and meet someone else who is in the middle of something important and didn’t really want disturbing!

Being shown round an agency can be a good way of getting a feel for it’s size and culture and its very hard to otherwise demonstrate the ‘buzz’ of an agency going full tilt, but in some cases I fear Agency Tours can leave the person being shown round with the impression that the business is rather rubbish at filing, washing up and throwing things away rather than a lean, keen agency machine.

I’d love to know what any Clients reading this think about Agency Tours or if you are an agency bod – how, when and if your agency does them?

One thought on “And on your left, you’ll see Production…

  1. Agency tours are interesting ones and I think clients actually really enjoy them and like seeing the chaos (read: creativity & wackiness) of their agencies.

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