the latest matterbox

The latest Matterbox arrived this morning (pics of the first one are here). 

It’s a work-in-progress from the Royal Mail, sending interesting stuff from brands that you might want to hang on to and will eventually work like a stable of magazines mailing to different targeted audiences.


This time round I’m loving – roaring fire DVD from Diageo, DVD cleaner from Lovefilm, comedy CD from BBC Audio and chocolate from Cadbury.


Not so keen on – yet another Original Source shower gel sampler, random book excerpt and O2 sim card pack (I’ve had quite enough of mobile phone companies for a while).


All in all, a nice way to start the weekend.  Sign up for the next one at

4 thoughts on “the latest matterbox

  1. Thanks for the mention. I hoped you enjoy/ed your Matter. Its been quite a journey getting this box together and delivered to our subscribers – the seemingly simple task of putting a load of things in a box and delivering it, is in fact quite complicated believe it or not! Its a great reward when we see people like yourself write about Matter and your reactions to the contents. If you’ve got time it would be great if you could log on to the matterbox website and leave us your comments – there’s also some optional questions on there too. Every bit of feedback we get will help us to plan the next Matter. Hopefully Matterboxes will just get better and better as we learn what kinds of items work/don’t and why.

    Thanks again,
    Warren @ Matter

  2. I think I preferred this matterbox to the last one. My review of the last one was that it had nice stuff in it but not much useful stuff. I think there’s a better balance in this one between useful and pretty. And the little shower gels are great for the locker after a run!


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