When five become four

I’ve written before on this blog about work/life balance and I’ve decided to follow my own advice and try to get a bit more of it.

So I’m going to be working 4 days a week instead of 5 (but hopefully not trying to ram 5 days work into 4…).

I do appreciate that I’m very lucky to be able to afford to do this.  I think my agency were open to the idea as the economy is obviously a bit wobbly at the moment, handily providing me with the one legitimate non-childcare related excuse to work less hours in Agency Land. 

So it’s a bit of an experiment but I’m hoping as a side effect that having more head space and doing more Interesting things with my time will make me a more creative, better informed Planner. 

After all, whose brilliant idea was it that we should produce Great Insights surrounded by strip lighting, industrial carpet and constantly ringing phones?  From now on, I’ll be doing more of my thinking from here:


8 thoughts on “When five become four

  1. sounds brilliant – let me know if it actually just turns out to be more stressful than 5 days! also what will you do on your day off, or is it a day of nothing?

  2. Planning is living, living is planning. (That’s my mantra, anyway…)

    Stimulus and thinking time are more important than the time in front of powerpoint… otherwise we’d have nothing useful to put into the powerpoint. Unfortunately, that’s one of the things us planners need to convince the paymasters…


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