A finely tuned moving machine

I’m guessing that 100 people (about half the office) have moved desks in the last 48 hours.  We shuffle around so often that it’s a finely tuned machine.  The blue packing crates arrive, the skip and recycling bins are filled, the moving muscle shifts furniture and IT switch everyone’s phones and computers round overnight.

This time Production were involved so the move was accompanied by colour coded who-lives-where floor thefinalplanplans and a handy flow chart.

I wonder if this constant rearranging is exclusively an agency trait.  Its certainly been the case at every agency I’ve worked at.  As a result I’ve always had a minimalist working area, my philosophy being to hang on to only as much as you can get in a set of desk draws and a single packing crate.

So maybe this constant rearranging has at its heart the perennial problem of storage in today’s designed-to-be-paperless-but-actually-drowning-under-paper office.  If you move people often enough they can’t hoard stuff.

PS I have not moved.  Still stuck outside the men’s loos.

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