Reasons to be cheerful

I’ve been trying really hard to think of something non-grumpy to post. 

So I came up with a ‘Reasons for AdLand to be cheerful’ list:

1) 26 working days ‘till the Christmas break!

2) New economic conditions mean client briefs are more likely to have simple, measurable objectives, like ‘sell more stuff as soon as possible please’.

3) If someone you work with is both rubbish at their job and universally disliked, there’s a good chance they’ll get made redundant soon.

4) Your client will be pathetically grateful if you make him/her look good in front of their boss.

5) Hopefully an end to draw-out pitch processes.  Clients will have to get it turned round and appointed within a few weeks or the market will have shifted so far that the brief is irrelevant.

6) Barclaycard Waterslide.  Enjoy the last of the Big Brand Ads that doesn’t feature the words reduction, value or discount.

7) Anything you are thinking of buying that falls into the ‘nice to have’ category should be cheaper now than it was 12 months ago.  This includes subscriptions, Christmas party venues and training.  If it isn’t cheaper, start negotiating.

8) Conferences.  With a few exceptions, finally revealed for the extremely expensive and time consuming networking opportunity they really are.

9) January sales in December = cut price Christmas shopping.

10) John Sergeant in Strictly Come DancingNew Wallace & Gromit on the Beeb this XmasDavid Tennant in everything.  There’s a new Bond film out.  And Wispa bars are back.


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