Change is afoot and its in all the stars

Working my way through The Sunday Times today I paused at the horoscope page.  Its not that I buy into all that, just that it’s interesting to see if my ‘stars’ have any resemblance to what’s actually going on in my life.

There are some big changes afoot at work early next week and my stars read:

‘Others may insist challenging situations are best tackled the moment they arise.  However, your instincts are correctly telling you that dealing wisely with the sudden and frequently confusing developments triggered by complex aspect involving Saturn and the unruly Uranus during the week’s first half will require time and a clearer perspective.  Events influence everybody, so sorting out what’s important to you versus other’s requirements won’t be easy.  Disruption is inevitable so take each day as it comes and you’ll be prepared when previously rigid situations open up, giving you an opportunity to undertake changes or begin new projects that only recently nobody would even discuss.’

I was impressed…until I read the other star signs:

Leo – Certain areas of your life need to be reorganised.  This isn’t news.  Over the past month or so, sudden, perplexing developments have made it clear that practical, financial or business matters can’t remain as they are.

Sagittarius – Your biggest challenges in dealing with the chaos that accompanies extremely difficult planetary activity on Monday and Tuesday is to trust your instincts.

Virgo – Tuesday’s move by your ruler, Mercury to accent new ideas is well timed.

In fact, re-reading all the horoscopes, it appears that every single star sign can expect to see major life changes on Monday and Tuesday of next week, due to ‘significant planetary activity’.  Does Shelly Von Strunckel know something that the BBC’s Robert Peston doesn’t?

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