on Fun Buses and office furnishings

Sorry for the absence of posts in the last week, I’ve been flat-out pitching.  Which involved visiting yet another conveniently located client 4 ½ hours drive away. We did travel in the Fun Bus though so the journey home went by quite quickly thanks to chick flicks on DVD and back issues of Heat magazine.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a bit more about workspaces recently and coincidentally Thoughtspurs and The Marketing Minute have both just posted about their own work environments.

The latest insight courtesy of my New Business team (after I’d legged it over to them from four desks away having overheard the word ‘horse’ mentioned) is that in a crowded open plan office “you hear what you want to hear”.   Or in other words, you become ‘selectively deaf’.

remember: it could be worse!

pic by Brandon King on flickr, Creative Commons applies

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