Monthly Archives: October 2008

Because we all need cheering up at the moment

Barclaycard waterslide by BBH London (the longer version is here)

On the first day of Christmas, my agency plagiarised for me…

The Argos Christmas Ad is here.  Scamp loved it – and then the rest of the world pointed out that it was pretty much a direct rip off of the Rowan Atkinson scene from Love Actually. Now I like a good RomCom as much as the next girl but this ad seems to be taking the old […]
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The name’s HD, Sony HD

I do like this Sony HD Quantum of Solace ad – its just that something has been niggling me since I first saw it.  When they’ve finished trying to blow up the lovely Daniel Craig, the screen shows this: And then this: And finally this: In theatres October 31st.  Not on a Sony HD TV […]
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Economic Indicators

Sorry to keep banging on about this (now apparently official) recession.  But a few things cropped up over the weekend that I thought were worth sharing. On the downside, over the last couple of days I’ve had reports of a restaurant where the takings are down 20% year on year, the hairdresser whose customers have […]
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When the going gets tough, its time to buy lipstick

I’m sure you’ve all read the ‘upsurge in sales for shoe repairers’ stories in the news suggesting that some sectors of the economy actually benefit from a downturn, in this case as people get their shoes repaired rather than splashing out on a new pair. There was also an interesting piece in the New York […]
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Big Thinking, Big Price Tag

I got an email today reminding me about the forthcoming APG Battle of Big Thinking.  It boasts an amazing line up of speakers and everyone I know who has been to a Big Thinking event before has raved about it. There’s just one problem – the cost.  Its not a good time to be asking […]
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When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

Thanks to Lunar BBDO’s blog for pointing me towards New York Magazine’s most memorable advertisements Madison Avenue ever sold, which includes this 1980s gem from Federal Express: I love the end line, but I think you’d get away with somewhat smaller terms & conditions these days!

Those important dates can be tricky to remember

An informative booklet as spotted on a restaurant table today – just in case you weren’t sure which month Christmas fell in…

Are Putin’s PR people taking the p*ss?

This weekend’s photos of former Russian president Vladimir Putin stroking his new tiger cub followed hot on the heels on the release of his ‘Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin’ DVD.  Add in the recent ‘macho man shirtless while fishing/hunting’ photocalls and I can only assume that his PR advisors have been partaking a little too […]
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Worried? You should be.

Worried about the economy or think its all a lot of hot air?  A couple of months ago I would have said that we were in danger of talking ourselves into a recession, now I think its clear that we are in for one whether we like it or not: Manufacturing output fell for the […]
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