fags and booze

I’ve been wondering – when was the last time anyone launched a new tobacco brand?  Since the government got all hardcore on marketing fags, (from the point of view of a non smoker) it looks like its become very difficult for to do any kind of brand based activity in this sector.

So if the alcohol industry is forced down the same road, unless brand owners also happen to have a controlling stake in a huge chunk of the on premise and/or are in the grocery multiples’ good books, they’re going to find it challenging when it comes to getting NPD flying off the shelves or back bar.

Carling already seems to be pre-empting this with their ‘Belong’ campaign which never actually names the brand.  But to do this you already need a brand with lots of equity behind it.

The only good news is that in the on premise its all going to become about decision making at the point of purchase – one of my specialist subjects :-)

One thought on “fags and booze

  1. aaaah,

    Good old Dark Marketing. Alcohol wise Absolut have to be leading the field in this? Not only can people talk about their brand just by showing the shape of the bottle, but they have the superb “Absolut ____” campaign. Genius.

    All based on tobacco brands having to go through the same process previously. I’m working ona pres about this at the moment – very interesting indeed.

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