The passing of Poulters

One of Yorkshire’s oldest agencies Poulters is apparently being closed by parent company Bezier.

Although it looks like a handful of staff might reappear in Bezier’s new retail offering Coutts, for the majority there must be some very long faces in their Rose Wharf offices today.

My current (enormous by regional standards) agency started life as a Poulters breakaway in the 80s and Poulters also spawned several other start-ups.  In fact nearly everyone in the comms industry in Yorkshire has worked there at one point or another.

Like any agency, Poulters (and it’s previous incarnations spanning nearly 40 years of Poulter Group, Poulter Partners and Graham Poulter Advertising) wasn’t perfect.  But I learnt an awful lot there and had a lot of fun too. 

cropped version of a pic by ex-Poulters Jim Moran on flickr

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