building momentum towards Carrieitis

 I think I’m developing a case of Carrieitis (an allergic reaction to all things Carrie Bradshaw).

Such has been the depth and length of the build up to the new Sex And The City movie that its put me off going to watch it entirely.

When Cynthia Nixon was on Graham Norton’s show the other week he enquired why the premiere was being held in London over two weeks before the film was actually being released.  To her credit, she said that she’d asked the same question and that apparently they were “building momentum”.

The other day I popped into Debenhams which had ads and POS promoting the film papering the store and I even had to endure Debenhams FM telling how Miranda would just love their homewares department.

Then there’s the TV spot conveying the important news that the film is ‘in association with Galaxy’, the advertorials and pages of red carpet premiere fashion reviews in every magazine and even the new Indiana Jones (worth renting but not schlepping out to the cinema for, by the way) was preceded by a trailer for the film.

It seems that the Topshop & co buyers certainly saw this coming as virtually the only things for sale are Carrie-inspired dresses.  Which aren’t terribly practical for work…

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