You’ve got to download a song or two

I’m loving the cheese-fest that is I’d Do Anything on BBC1 (the Oliver! talent search successor to last year’s Any Dream Will Do).  Last Saturday’s show saw Samantha belt out Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked.  I was on itunes the next day and noticed that the song was suddenly sitting at number 57 in the itunes chart.

Looking back through my blog archives, it appears that I noticed the same phenomenon last year.  In fact the actual soundtrack to Oliver! is currently sitting happily in the itunes album chart at number 63 alongside Goldfrapp and Kate Nash.

Talk about instant gratification.  A few years ago, upon hearing Defying Gravity, you’d have tried to remember which musical the song was from, wondered into Woolies or HMW sometime the following week and hoped that they had the soundtrack in stock.  Now its merely a case of hitting the helpful Who Sung What page on the BBC website, then popping over to itunes and stumping up 79p.

Perhaps the next logical step from ‘press the red button’ is ‘press red to download’…or has someone got there already?

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