work-slash-creative lifestyle

The latest issue of The Future Laboratory’s fab quarterly magazine ‘the’ features the Slash/Slash Generation – that ‘create empires founded on the cult of their personality’.  You know, the DJ-slash-club promoter-slash-tshirt designer late teens and early twenties types.

But reading the article, it reminded me that while the coolerati kids might be combining several so-hip-it-hurts roles into one portfolio lifestyle, the majority of the twenty and thirty somethings I know actually are rocking it their own way.

Take my sister.  She’s a product manager for a greetings card company – and a professional bellydance teacher and performer.  Or the guy I met at a party the other week who combines a desk job with stints as a photographer’s assistant.

One of the researchers who has just joined my team is also a freelance club dancer, an account handlers runs her own jewellery business and I manage to squeeze in a spot of writing in and amongst everything else.

As one guy put it to me, “its about doing something creative in your spare time you enjoy and actually getting paid for it”.

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