Here it goes again: oh where did you nick that ad?

The latest culprits in the ongoing ‘nick the creative from youtube and hope no-one notices’ saga has got to be whoever at JWT did the latest Berocca ads.

The agency must have assumed that they were the only people in the world who had seen OK Go’s fab video for here it goes again.  Just them and the 32 million views so far on youtube then.

Disclosure: I thought twice about posting this as one my clients is part of the Bayer group who own Berocca.  Then I thought s*d it, lazy creative is still lazy creative.  If the ad was better than the original you could give them a bit of wiggle room, but to my eyes its worse.

4 thoughts on “Here it goes again: oh where did you nick that ad?

  1. I wanted to blog about it too, but I thought someone would see my post and accuse me of plagiarising your post. ;-)

  2. A Malaysian agency recently kinda-sorta-maybe ripped off Common Craft on YouTube. Tsk tsk. But you didn’t hear about it from me.

  3. Pfft. Embarrassing. How on earth did they think nobody would notice? I also thought about not posting this as one of clients is the Bayer group. But it’s all JWT’s fault. Agencies need to start employing real creators, not lazy talent-pinchers.

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