blurring boundaries

I just read a great post from Drew McLellan on the blurring of boundaries between our home and work lives.  Its not exactly a hot new trend, but an incredibly important one. 

To my mind, its not just that our personal lives are being invaded by work – in return our working lives are having to budge up and accommodate more of our personal lives.

worklifebalance.jpgEmployers are obviously adapting to this – whether its actively encouraging visits from the Sewing Lady or Cheesecake Bob to the office, taking time out to book your holiday online or a long lunch to see your child’s nativity play.   

And when we do finally get some work done, hopefully it benefits from this input from the Rest Of Our Lives. 

I think a lot of the positive outcomes of this blurring come back to interestingness.  By mixing up our personal and professional lives we bring depth and colour to relationships and situations.  Bottom line – people want to work with interesting people, not corporate drones.

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