Stuff Matters

Having been reminded via Russell Davies how much I enjoyed taking part in the printing/DM test for Interesting 2007, I signed up for Matter (‘an experiment in communicating with stuff’) last week.

It seems to be all about how we like to get stuff in our hands, a bit like a magazine full of content and ads, except that the ads are tangible and are the content.  In the words of Matter – advertising you’d like to receive.

I think the first Matter box was really aimed at blokes, but I had a lot of fun opening it when it dropped through the letter box this morning.


I hadn’t had any coffee by that point, so didn’t twig that the box opened up like this.  Still, this meant I got an extra 15 minutes entertainment out of trying to fit everything back into the box as I’ll be passing it on to my nearly-brother-in-law who fits the criteria of a hip ‘n’ happening 25-34 year old bloke. 

I think it might have to go via the DM and Creative gang at work first though.  I fear I may never get the play-doh (courtesy of Sony Bravia) back again…

6 thoughts on “Stuff Matters

  1. That’s a load of interesting stuff spilling from the box there. I’m not really familiar with Matter but it sounds pretty interesting. So does this mean that any company can choose to have a Matter box and have a number of them delivered to prospective clients? Actually, I rather like this idea. It’s got my mind turning.

  2. I have mine to open later!

    I have spent a while talking about the forthcoming desire for tangibility, this is a great example of it.

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