formal wear revival suits me

The Staufenbergers and this article in The Observer are both proclaiming The Return of Formal Dressing for Men. Apparently all the catwalks are full of sharp suits.


I know it’s a tad late to claim this, but I think I saw it coming – a major sign was that all the (young, male) uni students who come in to help our (young, female) PR team out at busy times have been turning up in shirt-and-skinny-tie combos instead of the usual tshirts. And a friend who works for a giftwrap business told me that they’re getting requests to organise boxes to hold shirt-and-tie gift sets for Christmas 08.

Which is great news. There are very few men who don’t look better (and sexier) in a really well cut and well fitting suit. Sadly though, very few men seem to know what a really well cut and well fitting suit is. If all that results from this formal wear revival is a load of old, shiny M&S suits being pulled from the back of wardrobes and into service, I think I might cry.

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