Know Your Client

A bit of a work in progress this one, but here’s the beginnings of a handy guide to sussing out your client’s management team based on their choice of offices:


Cavernous statement building with glass lifts and human size models of brand mascots in reception
We are actually run by head office in the States

Run down 60s tower block with scuffed carpet tiles
No-one cares about this division anymore
We are about to be sold

Portakabin next to the factory
Our business model is based on making things, not selling them

Soulless serviced office space in business centre miles from HQ
The Marketing Director refused to commute and this is an experiment

Funky Soho open plan workspace with café, pool table etc.
Our MD really wants to work in an agency

One thought on “Know Your Client

  1. So-bad-it’s-good projects are difficult to control. They could go either way and usually, it’s not in the direction you’d want it to go. Still, I don’t think that the shows are deliberately bad. Deliberately bad shows are something you recognize from the beginning. These shows just seem like they need practice.

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