what did you do last night to make me feel proud?

I went to ‘London 2012: The Ultimate Pitch’ last night at The Royal Armouries, hosted by Leeds Media.

Part one: Daryl Goodrich, director of the ‘Sport at Heart’ and ‘Inspiration‘ films that sportatheart.jpgwere instrumental in helping London to win the 2012 Olympics talked us through both films, complete with storyboards, anecdotes and the tale of his own pitch process to get the films into production.  He’s a brilliant, relaxed presenter that had the room hooked.  The subject matter was pretty fascinating too – and a great accompaniment to Jon Steel’s own take on the run up to the final pitch in his book ‘Perfect Pitch’.

Part two: Martin Havenhand, Executive Chair of the Yorkshire Committee for the 2012 Games talked about ‘why Yorkshire must get behind the games’ – otherwise known as Death By Bureaucrat and Powerpoint or I Can’t Believe I’m Missing Studio 60 For This.

The difference between the two presenters couldn’t have been greater.  Its such a shame that an inspiring, uplifting topic like the Olympic games (the Sport at Heart film had me all damp eyed and moved) translated to a lengthy, dull, message-free lecture.

I’m not going all-out to get the guy, he’s obviously very dedicated to his role, but shouldn’t ‘be really good at inspiring presentations’ have been part of the job description? And if not, someone needs to tell the self confessed ‘advocate and practitioner of life long learning’  that he needs some help.  It just didn’t make me proud to be a Yorkshire lass in the run-up the the Games.

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