Jeremy and the Staufenbergers

I sent a client off to check out another agency’s blog recently.  Actually, I sent them off to read a speech from 1972.

No, I’m not trying to lose the account – I pointed my client towards Jeremy Bullmore’s 1972 address ‘ the consumer has a mind as well as a stomach’, hosted on the Staufenberger’s blog.

(update 09/03/11 – the Staufenberger blog seems to have been taken down, but you can get a copy of Bullmore speech here instead)

If you haven’t read it, its a really pertinent piece looking at the difference between shouting your message and understanding, respecting and engaging the consumer.  Its easy to forget that not every client has read what you have or has access to the same ammunition when they’re fighting internal battles.


Maybe part of Planning’s role is to be some kind of human google for our clients?

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