Exactly what is ‘a fair days work’?

In an effort to clear my desk following a hectic week I was one of the last out of the office on Friday night – but that is quite unusual for me.

There are always going to be the workaholics who are the first ones to arrive in the morning and the last to get kicked out by the cleaners at night.  But I think that’s a flawed strategy. 

What happens when there really is a crisis?  Or a last minute pitch?  If you’re working every hour possible, there isn’t any room for manoeuvre.

I’m not saying we should all work 9-5.30 with a full lunch break – and this industry that wouldn’t be seen as pulling your weight – just that we should get the important stuff done, do as much of the ‘nice to do’ as possible and go home in time to have a life outside the office.  Spending at least some of our weekday evenings at dance class, taking the dog for a long walk, mowing the lawn or seeing the latest release at the movies makes us more interesting, productive and sane

Then, if something really does kick off, you’ve got the time, enthusiasm and energy to attack it.

Listen up people, or you’ll end up like Amalah.

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