work where you work best

It struck me, as I was having an in-depth discussion on media strategy in the ladies’ loos this morning, that some of my most productive meetings have taken place in the most unlikely locations.

I’m not talking about the ‘fourth floor meeting room at 10am’ kind of meetings (which in my experience rarely produce the kind of break throughs that win pitches or have clients weeping in gratitude) but the impromptu ‘lets have the meeting right here’ ones.

Thinking back, some of my most productive ‘meetings’ have taken place:

  • in GNER’s restaurant car
  • on a fire escape
  • in a traffic jam on the M1
  • on a horse
  • standing in the road outside the office

I posted about Creative Spaces earlier this year but now I’m thinking that maybe its not so much about a stimulating environment that is conducive to creative thinking, but some kind of serendipity.

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