Time for some brand new creative?

I noticed that Nationwide have moved their ‘jobsworth employee’ (“brand new customers only”) campaign into press.


The thing is, I’m starting to associate Nationwide rather than their competitors with poor customer service and inflexible offers.  Which probably means that what was once a great way of demonstrating difference has now become so ubiquitous that the core of the creative has become entangled with the brand.  Which is a shame.

One thought on “Time for some brand new creative?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Had the very same conversation with my son recently. It’s a risky business putting idiots in your ads. The current Post Office ad is another good example. The dumbstruck woman behind the counter, the annoying boss and the ‘too stupid to know how to use the internet’ boys from Westlife all add up to one big bowl of negativity that you can only associate with the Post Office.

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