ten things I didn’t know last year

One of the coolest things about being a Planner has to be the opportunity to become semi-expert about a new subject very quickly.


Ten things I didn’t know last year:

  1. Aloe vera can help bolster the immune system of puppies
  2. If small, cream coloured maggots with brown heads have eaten the roots of your shrubs, you have a vine weevil problem
  3. If a pub wants to combat the effects of the smoking ban, it needs to invest in its food offering
  4. Any self-respecting chef will make his own mayonnaise
  5. You should shampoo your hair twice (remembering to massage your scalp in the process), then add conditioner (but not to your roots), followed by a splash of water to emulsify it, then leave on for as long as possible before rinsing thoroughly
  6. One of the key indicators of the quality of a pub in the eyes of consumers is how good its chips are
  7. There comes a point when most city centre flat dwelling women become deafened by their biological clocks ticking and want to buy a family-friendly proper house with stairs and a garden and everything
  8. Rabbits have a really complicated digestive system and need a lot of fibre in their diet
  9. Vodka with a well known blackcurrant cordial is a surprisingly popular tipple among underage drinkers
  10. Over 20% of people leave home in the morning without having had breakfast

2 thoughts on “ten things I didn’t know last year

  1. I agree with you! This required dynamic is what makes worth the planner’s day. Would be really nice if something like The Age of Conversation was created is this sense. Yes, like you’ve said, “Ten things I didn’t know last year” or even “Ten things I would never know if wasn’t a planner”.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing always good stuff! :)

  2. Your list reminded me of the book title:

    Don’t tell my mother I work in advertising, she thinks I play piano in a brothel.

    No wonder the plannersphere is so full of high brow pseudo inellectualism. It’s an escape from the mind boggling tedium of figuring out how to project dull, parity products on people who already have far to many choices already and who’d probably be better off buying nothing than the badly conceived, poorly designed, crappily executed and overpriced stuff that is really only tommorow’s landfill fill…

    …bad week, sorry.

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