promises, promises – a few suggestions for a better relationship

We, the clients, promise:

  • not to call any agency contact before 9am or after 5.30pm unless it really is actually properly urgent
  • to ask no more than five agencies to take part in any creative pitch and to make clear at the outset the number of pitch stages involved
  • to provide hot/cold drinks and (preferably chocolate) biscuits at all meetings (note: anything out of a drinks machine or served in a chipped snoopy mug does not count)
  • not to schedule meetings before 10.30am or on Friday afternoons if the agency is based more than 60 miles away
  • to give honest and constructive feedback on creative and to adhere to that feedback in all subsequent emails, phone calls or meetings
  • to pay our bills on time
  • not to expect the moon on a stick in now-minus-five-minutes

We, the agency, promise:

  • not to try and sell you geo-targeted PPC or a 60 second TV ad when you really need a decent PR campaign
  • to have an office in an easy to find location with adequate parking and good public transport links
  • to have a non-scary receptionist
  • to tell you what all the focus respondents thought, rather than what the four most easily led said
  • to create work that will win awards and therefore impress your boss
  • to create really effective work that will really impress your boss
  • to make your life easier, not harder

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