matrix revisited

Has anyone else noticed just how much Matrix rip-off creative there is around at the moment?  Specsavers, and young person’s railcard are all recent culprits. 





Young Person’s Railcard – taken from their website as I couldn’t get a shot of the poster as the train whizzed by

Yes, I know Matrix is practically a genre in its own right and in 2001ish I was just as guilty as anyone of trying to flog Matrix themed creative in pitches, but that was a long time ago and recent efforts just look a bit dated to me.  Given Warner Bros’ litigious leanings, I’d also be surprised if the Railcard ad went unchallenged…

One thought on “matrix revisited

  1. Yup.
    The technology to do it has now reached the smaller agencies who have been waiting since 2001 to do their bullet time themed insurance ad!

    Interesting also is the return of communist themed ads. Particularly Pizza Hut’s press and radio ads.

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