Marketing to women? Don’t just think pink. has a female fever report on its August trend briefing – but the thing that most struck me was that the majority of the female-friendly products were pink.

Personally, I don’t feel the need for a pink taxi, pair of trainers or pink gardening gloves as I’d much rather the key selling point was that the products were designed for my size, health and security needs than simply covering it all in a coat of pink.


3 thoughts on “Marketing to women? Don’t just think pink.

  1. I made a presentation based of the Trendwatching post to a marcomms class at Massey University the other day.

    My students are mostly female (18-25).

    Like you I wondered about the prevalence of pink. It seems like a too-obvious marker. Stereotypical. (And ugly – in my opinion).

    But not an eyebrow was lifted when I tried to to provoke them to agree.

    Sometimes code is less subtle than we’d like to imagine I suppose.

  2. this used to make me angry too – that samsung pink phone with nail varnish thing drove me crazy – but then i heard several different girls remark independently about how cute it was and how much they wanted one.


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