finding one that fits

Andrew makes an excellent point in this post – you’ll probably go through at least two agencies before you find one that fits.  In fact, he might be talking about me – I’m pretty happy where I am right now but yes, I had to go through two other agencies to find it.  Not that I didn’t enjoy at least some of my time at either agency, just that deep down, I never really felt like the culture was a good match for me.

Even worse, are the times I haven’t fitted in because I was a GIRL.  I occasionally get emotional, I need to be fed three times a day or I get grumpy, I don’t want to take the client out to a lapdancing club and I actually have a life outside work that doesn’t revolve around the pub. 

Ok, I’m generalising here, but there have been times at previous agencies where I’ve been fairly sure that I was being excluded from things on the basis of my chromosomes, which does make me sympathise with Lauren’s predicament. 

Or when I was included, the clients could be just as bad.  Classic quote from one senior client some years ago when one of my directors rocked up to a sporting event with me and another girl from his account team in tow “oh, you brought girls then…”

Horses for courses, brains for buildings, characters for cultures, personalities for places.  It all comes down to the need for a good fit.

One thought on “finding one that fits

  1. hey gemma, if you’re in london (or thinking about it) in the next couple of weeks, we’re gonna have a ladybloggers meet-up and celebrate our extra bit of chromosome. check out my blog for the deets – would so love to see ya there!

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