slipstreaming into the plannersphere

Russell has posted about social slipstreaming – essentially ‘stalking’ someone who is more into something than you (like music or gigs or politics) and using them as a guide to the subject.

It struck me that this Planning web/blog/twitter/wiki/coffee morning/interesting conference malarkey is a kind of work slipstreaming.  We Planners tend to plough a lonely furrow as the sole representative of our trade in an agency, or as one of a tiny team.  And there isn’t really a proper ‘how to be a better Planner’ course you can take or exam you can pass. 

So the only way to expand your horizons, embrace different points of view and improve your Planning is to get out there and engage with Planners and creative thinkers who are older, wiser, more interesting or just plain better than you.  And the easiest way to do that is to slipstream into the plannersphere.

So thanks to Russell and Andrew and Paul and Rebecca and James and John and Helen and Steve and Ben and Scamp and Sam and Rob and Simon and Seth and Patrick and Lauren and Claire and Faris and the rest, I hope I’m a better Planner.

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