A different magazine every week?

Back at the end of last December I posted about my aim to try and read a different magazine every week. I thought I’d take stock of how I’ve been getting on.

I’ve been making a real effort to pick up something random from WHSmith every time I go through Kings Cross station, but I’ve also changed hairdressers to one that only stocks Hello! and OK!, so if nothing else I’m now an expert on the wedding plans of minor European Royals and C-list celebs.

I think my list of Random Reads so far goes something like: Pet Product Marketing, Yorkshire Living, Time, The New Yorker, Psychologies, Wisbech Standard, Fenland Citizen, Hair Ideas, Your Hair, BMW Magazine, Red, Weightwatchers, Top Sante, Pregnancy and Birth, Mother and Baby, Morning Advertiser and PaD (Property & Design).

OK, so some of the titles might have been related to projects and pitches I was working on at the time, but they still count, right?

One thought on “A different magazine every week?

  1. hey gemma, between your Magazine Per Week and my Gallery Per Day, i reckon we’ve got communications covered!! ha!

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