Greener – but not necessarily cleaner

This week’s Innocent Drinks weekly newsletter linked to a piece about MIT’s City Car, a concept 2-seater.  The idea is that these cars would be available to hire from central locations and you’d just pay with a credit card & grab one from the pile stacked up like supermarket trolleys.


The thing is, most trolleys at my local supermarket Booths  are mucky when we go to collect one for the weekly shop – and I don’t fancy picking up a grubby car full of someone else’s empty drink cans and sweet wrappers.  It seems that the Great British Public can’t be trusted to leave things as they found them and that organisations aren’t prepared to take responsibility for maintaining standards of cleanliness (last weekend’s quick trip to London confirmed this with some really filthy trains and tubes).

I live in Leeds, with a fairly rubbish public transport system and traffic gridlock – so I’m used to spending a lot of time in my nice clean car.  If you want me to adopt greener forms of transport, you’ll have to make sure they come up to my usual standards of cleanliness.

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