everything but the laptop

Reading an old post of mine on is your desk the window to your personality reminded me my-deskjpg.JPGof a fun exercise I did with a some friends over email last year.  I asked everyone to reply with a list of everything (excluding the obvious laptop, in trays etc.) that was on or around their desk.  I didn’t like to ask exactly what they were doing with plastic dinosaurs and water pistols, but its was enlightening all the same.

Heres my list:

  • full size estate agent’s ‘sold’ sign
  • IKEA pot plant from the New Year that miraculously isn’t dead yet
  • spare pair of shoes
  • selection of clear plastic pencil cases (really long story…)
  • Veuve Cliquot 2007 sporting season guide
  • copy of The Publican
  • Industrial and Commercial Equipment catalogue

What about you?

3 thoughts on “everything but the laptop

  1. My desk is a temple to the great office-scrapheap-god so I’ll have to give you edited highlights:
    1. Badminton racket (last used Tuesday)
    2. Broken badminton racket (last used in 2005)
    3. Dodgy christmas snow-dome with floating penguin
    4. Pair of plastic Elvis ‘Star-glasses’
    5. CD Rom of O2/NME Rock n Roll Riot tour highlights
    6. Print off of article ‘The 4 Concentric Circles of a Web 2.0 name’
    7. Case of Budweiser beer
    8. TV Easy magazine mug, Chat magazine umbrella
    9. Photos of my girls
    10. Boarded up creative ideas from about 2 years ago
    As you can probably guess, I’m not too good at thowing stuff away…

  2. Heinz Tomato Ketchup (460g) stolen from someone else. 3/4 full.
    Fruit bowl. 1x Banana, 1x Apple, 1x Orange. Someone has childishly arranged them into phalic shape.
    Large tin foil ball (748g) Created over the last two years from all my foil sandwich wrappers.
    Old pair of gym shoes. (Adidas)
    New pair of gym shoes (Nike +)
    2x bags of used gym kit
    Unused Christmas present from my sister (ski rucksack)
    A clothes peg (chewed)
    Small thermos flask (needs cleaning)
    1x blue biro, free from Garden Picture Library (chewed)
    Old plastic bottle top (chewed)
    iPod nano.

  3. Plush sheep and dog
    Plastic dog – sharpener
    Wooden horse
    Mini Vespa
    Moleskine notebook
    some cd’s
    Mug with colorful pens
    Some lifestyle magazines
    Mug with green tea (still hot)
    Golden box with a ribbon with business cards inside

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