not getting getamac

The more I see the UK ads for getamac starring Mitchell and Webb, the less I like them.  Which is weird, seeing as I was gushing over the American ones only a couple of days ago.  The thing is, I don’t think they work with Brits playing Mac and PC. 


Not only will computers always be American for me, but the British ads come across as an annoying character sketch, rather than the American’s sweet observation on Life.  Maybe its because I saw the US version first, but the Brit attempt just doesn’t measure up for me.  Sorry.

5 thoughts on “not getting getamac

  1. I’m writing from New Zealand. I have seen the American versions and the UK ones now. There is something odd about the music in the English context. It doesn’t sound… English. Given that the scripts are essentially the same I don’t know why they bothered. Same for the American edition of The Office. It just didn’t work.

    Still;… I’m just glad I don’t live in Norway. The thought of watching Once Were Warriors dubbed into Norwegian is a little surreal.

  2. I haven’t payed that much attention to be honest. But I have seen the 6 sheets and some press. I have to say I never thought of macs or pc’s as particluarly american, and I thought Mitchell and Web were good analagy of the differences between them. Maybe I’m not looking deep enough but they kind of worked for me.
    As you say Gemma, maybe it depends on seeing the US version first, or not.

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