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getamac1.JPGI’m a PC girl through and through (I could never warm to a machine that makes you ask for your disk back, no matter how sexy the design) but the get a mac ads have got me wondering for the first time whether I made the right decision in upgrading to a shiny new PC.

Apple have apparently been running these ads in the states for a few months but they’re just breaking over here. They make choosing a mac the cool, sensible, rational, practical but still slightly subversive and creative thing to do.

Effectively, the ads promise a machine that can run windows, msoffice, itunes, imovie, iphoto etc AND never crash or get a virus.  Sounds like an ideal world, so why haven’t companies switched over?  I guess change can be scary.

5 thoughts on “Get a mac

  1. I had a 21 year old girl in a group last night tell me.

    “The thing I want most right now is a Mac laptop. I wasn’t bothered what kind of laptop until I saw the advert with those comedians this week. It said how macs are better for photos and music and don’t get viruses and stuff”

  2. I saw the UK version today – and think I actually prefer the American ads – macs are somehow cooler by being American rather than a bit rubbish and British (the American mac guy is better looking too). The Japanese ads are funny and worth a look – check them out on youtube (search for getamac).

  3. I’m with you – I’m a PC bloke who was impressed enough by the ad to think ‘maybe I should be on a Mac at home’. We run both Macs and PCs for creative and suits here in my company which means most days the IT team are running screaming from the building.

  4. Oooh, ooh. Get a Mac. I crossed over to a Mac about two months ago and I won’t be crossing back. They really are better – cleaner, smoother, more efficient and much more logical in their interfaces than PCs. (plus they look damn pretty)

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